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Hi there! We are the husband and wife team behind BookEdge and we wanted to share a little bit about ourselves and how we ended up building software for authors.

Back in 2018, Kaydence Snow self-published her first book, not knowing that she was only about half way up the incredibly steep learning curve that comes with indie publishing. John Smythe (affectionately known as Mr Snow by Kaydence’s fans) was incredibly supportive, and soon found that he really enjoyed the numbers side of publishing. Kay is all about the prose, but John loves a good bar graph!

We were a great team when it came to managing the marketing of Kaydence’s books. The more we learned about the industry, and indie publishing in particular, the more frustrated we became with the tools available for Amazon authors. Every release day, John would have 5823861 tabs open to track the ranks, sales, and KENP numbers, in multiple regions (while Kaydence rocked in a corner hiding from the reviews). Then there was the day-to-day issues of tracking read-through for series, estimating earnings for budgeting and a whole host of other things.

Just being able to view and interpret all our own data was so much effort!

We built BookEdge with a simple mission in mind – create an easy to use, high quality, accurate tool to track earnings, ranks, and reviews across regions, all in one convenient place. Problem solved! Well… the practical one anyway. If you have a solution for release day existential dread, please get in touch!

After months of refining BookEdge, getting feedback from authors, and making it the best tool we could – created for authors, by authors – we released it to fantastic enthusiasm and feedback.

We hope you enjoy BookEdge – we built it for you!

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Realtime Royalties
View Book Ranks in all marketplaces (including Canada and Australia)
Compare Royalties between dates
Group Royalties & Ranks by Series
Export Filtered Royalty Data
In-depth Book Rank Data
View your Best Ranks
View Peer Titles Rank History
Actual Earning Reports
Estimated Borrows *
Calculated by the number of page reads a book has received, divided by the number of pages (kenpc)
View Pre-orders grouped by region is my go-to for tracking reviews, ranks, and earnings. It’s on top of the data, every minute of the day.

Craig Martelle

20Booksto50K, Bestselling Author

BookEdge is consistently reliable and cuts through the noise, giving me the ability to make data-driven decisions swiftly. Each time I think it can’t get better, John adds new features I didn’t know I needed, further improving an already great experience.

Catharina Maura

#1 Amazon Bestselling Author

I researched several reporting sites before discovering BookEdge and BookEdge is by far my favorite resource for easily viewing and analyzing my book sales and income. I highly recommend this tool for all indie authors.

Alessandra Torre

New York Times Bestselling Author

The service is on point with accuracy and reliability, and John is always responsive and helpful, going out of his way to improve the service for authors. I’m a huge fan.

Tanya Anne Crosby

New York Times Bestselling Author

BookEdge is quick, accurate, visually appealing, and easy to use. I love being able track sales data and rank history all in one place.

Melanie Harlow

USA Today Bestselling Author

BookEdge is a fantastic tool I use not just daily, but all throughout the day. I love how easy it is to navigate and has all the information I need at my fingertips.

K Webster

USA Today Bestselling Author

I use BookEdge everyday to track how my books are performing from royalties to rankings. Great value for money.

Tate James

USA Today Bestselling Author

I can now easily track my ranks, ratings and reviews in multiple regions on Amazon. No more guessing if my book marketing is working.

Coralee June

USA Today Bestselling Author

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Frequently Asked Questions

Still have any question? Please get in touch.

BookEdge is a software tool used by authors and publishers to analyze their sales data. It integrates with Amazon’s Kindle Direct Publishing website, processes the data in your account, and then presents a simple interface to learn from that data.

BookEdge requires you to install a browser extension which allows us to use your own browser to access your Amazon Author Central data and present your it a more meaningful way. We do not store any amazon credentials.

BookEdge takes security very seriously. All sales data is fully secured as it is stored encrypted and transmitted encrypted.

BookEdge is a husband and wife team. John is a software engineer with over 20 years of experience in the tech industry. He has worked with large corporations and startups, and has launched multiple start-ups of his own over the years. Kaydence is an International Bestselling author of PNR and contemporary romance.

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